How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?


I always try to deliver my images within 2-4 weeks depending on which photography package you have bought. You can read more about this on the Wedding Pricing Guide.

How do we receive our gallery?


I use a beautiful online solution where you can store your images in infinity. The online gallery gives access to a slideshow with the music of your choice, and you can easily share your individual images or gallery with family and friends. Another bonus is that you can customise and purchase photo products such as albums and prints directly from your gallery.

What happens if you get sick or cant travel?


I have yet to see the day where I have been sick on a wedding day. I will do my upmost to be there, but if its absolutely not possible I have a network of talented photograpghers who I can recommend for your day. If I should get sick on your wedding day you will also be refunded the deposit or get the option to take the wedding photos on another day.


I believe in keeping it natural and showing your true beauty, hence I do not Photoshop my images. I only use Lightroom for editing contrasts, light etc. The pictures you get from me is the finished product, and you cannot put additional filters and post them publicly. If you did, it does not represent my work anymore.

time to answer all your burning questions. Do get in touch if you cannot find what you are looking for here!

VIII. How do you assure quality then filming weddings?

V. Who holds the copyright?

As the creator and owner of the pictures, I hold the copyright. As the client, you buy the right to the high resolution digital files and can therefore also print and share the images. You are free to use your photos as you please without editing them, but do remember to get in touch for aprovement if they are going to be used commercially.

I use camera equipment which produce 4K imagery, and adjust frame rates to account for flickering, types of light, slow motion etc. I also use Ronin Stabilisers, Røde Microphones and a DJI Air 2 to take my films to the next level. All my film packages comes with music licensing from Epidemic Sound/or customised, which means that you can share your film freely without any issues. Did you know that you can buy a photography and film package from me? Head to my wedding pricing guide for more information about this.

VI. Do you only photograph in Norway?

IX. What is your cancellation policy?

I am based on the West Coast of Norway on an island called Askøy, not far from Bergen, the gateway to the fjords. However, I love travelling and adventure, and will happily go wherever you need me whether that is throughout the rest of Norway or abroad. Fun fact - I also have international clients. Lets go!

If for some reason I need to cancel the booking, you will be refunded the full deposit. If you cancel the booking, there is no refund. However, during corona, we have all needed to be flexible to account for the drastic changes we are experiencing in day to day life. Considering this, I always aim to be flexible if you need to change the date of your wedding.

VII. How can I secure my wedding date?

X. What is your privacy policy?

Head to my contact page, wedding pricing page, give me a call +47 92771147 or e-mail info@theabronlund.com for bookings. I can't wait to hear from you!

In this day and age, of course I have a privacy policy. Click the button underneath for more information regarding this. As a rule of thumb, I never share any images or information without your approval.

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