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Chasing views in norway


Atlantic Puffins of Runde

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FrydenbØ bil

Hardangerfjord Adventure

The West Arms

Hotel Magic

Rosendal Turisthotell

Academic & Alessandra Boldrini

Swims Norway



Fotograf Stian van der meeren



radio Askøy

Visit Eidfjord

— Nicola Williamson

Dont take my word for it, see what my clients say...

the west arms — wales

" Thea is an incredibly talented photographer, who has an amazing ability to capture the emotion of a shot and bring it to life. In addition to her outstanding creative skills, she was able to give us priceless advice on how to improve our social media presence, her advice was both pragmatic and effective, achieving immediate tangible results, with our followers increasing by over 50% in a matter of days and our engagement increasing by more than 100%. Aside from her technical skills, Thea is practical, personable and incredibly well meaning, with a wealth of knowledge, her willingness to help goes above and beyond expectation. We were so taken with the extent and the effectiveness of Thea's skills and ability that we have engaged Thea to work with us on a longer term basis. "

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